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What are IP values?

IP (Ingress Protection) Classification

In the information below, you will find a summary of all IP classifications that are related to our collection of lamps. The IP classifcation tells you in which matter a lamp is protected against substances, dust and water. The classification is a combination of two digits:

  • First digit: protection against substances and dust
  • Second digit: protection against water

Most frequently used IP classifications:

  • IP20:    Dust proof
  • IP21:    Protection against dripping water
  • IP23:    Protection against spraying water
  • IP44:    Protection against splashing water (bath and/or shower area)
  • IP54:    Protection against dust and splashing water
  • IP65:    Protection against (powerful) water jets
  • IP67:    Dustproof andprotected against the effects of immersion for 30 minutes (In a bathtub or directly in a shower)
  • IP68:    Dustproof and protected against long periods of immersion (under pressure)



Do you have any questions regarding any of the listed above? Please feel free to contact us on info@lampandlight.co.uk or call us on 020 33182395 between 08:00am and 17:00pm Mon-Fri.


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Fan lights

A ceiling fan with light keeps your home cool in summer and illuminated in the evenings and in winter time. A ceiling fan light is great to cool a large room. The fan lights are available in steel, bronze and silver. Some fan lights have a remote control, which can be used to adjust the speed of the blades and to turn the power on and off.

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