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Other than lighting, you will also find at that we sell an extensive range of accessories and other products to add and decorate your home with. Accessories range include lamp shades, homeware furnishings and ceiling fans, other products to assist with your lighting and installation needs include drivers, twilight and motion sensors, batteries, cables, dimmer switches and ground pins for outdoor use. What ever you need to complete your purchase you will them all in here!

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  1. Round-cover-plate-11cm-white-RAL-9016
    Round cover plate 11cm white RAL 9016
    £5.95 £4.95
  2. PIR-Built-in-Motion-Sensor-White
    PIR Built-in Motion Sensor White
    £17.95 £15.95
  3. Connection-cable-300-cm-with-black-plug
    Connection cable 300 cm with black plug
  4. Connection-cable-80-120cm-with-switch-and-transparent-plug
    Connection cable 80-120cm with switch and transparent plug
  5. Christmas-Light-Branch-LED-1.5-Meters
    Christmas Light Branch LED 1.5 Meters
    £44.95 £25.95
  6. Christmas-Light-Twig-LED-1.8-Meters
    Christmas Light Twig LED 1.8 Meters
    £33.95 £18.95
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  7. Christmas-Tree-Pine-Snow-LED-1.2-Meters
    Christmas Tree Pine Snow LED 1.2 Meters
    £53.95 £33.95
  8. Christmas-Village-Circus-LED-Multi-Colour
    Christmas Village Circus LED Multi-Colour
    £48.95 £32.95
  9. Set-of-3-WiFi-adapters-for-in-the-socket
    Set of 3 WiFi adapters for in the socket
    £79.95 £48.95
  10. 8-pack-AAA-Batteries---Penlite-Alkaline
    8-pack AAA Batteries - Penlite Alkaline
    £5.95 £4.95
  11. Connection-Cable-80cm-120cm-White-with-switch-and-plug
    Connection Cable 80cm-120cm White with switch and plug
    £5.95 £4.95
  12. Connection-Cable-80cm-120cm-Black-with-switch-and-plug
    Connection Cable 80cm-120cm Black with switch and plug
    £5.95 £4.95
  13. summer-savings

  14. Connection-Cable-80cm-120cm-Gold-with-switch-and-plug
    Connection Cable 80cm-120cm Gold with switch and plug
    £5.95 £4.95
  15. Square-cover-plate-10x10cm-white-RAL-9016
    Square cover plate 10x10cm white RAL 9016
    £5.95 £4.95
  16. Christmas-String-Lights-Mason-Jar-20-LED-1.9-Meters
    Christmas String Lights Mason Jar 20 LED 1.9 Meters
    £24.95 £13.95
  17. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-2x2.5-MM2---10-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 2x2.5 MM2 - 10 Meters
    £25.95 £24.95
  18. 12-Pack-AA-batteries---Penlite-Alkaline-Longlife
    12-Pack AA batteries - Penlite Alkaline Longlife
  19. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-2x2.5-MM2---50-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 2x2.5 MM2 - 50 Meters
    £135.00 £115.00
  20. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-3x2.5-MM2---25-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 3x2.5 MM2 - 25 Meters
    £75.95 £67.95
  21. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-3x2.5-MM2---10-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 3x2.5 MM2 - 10 Meters
    £29.95 £26.95
  22. Christmas-String-Lights-Stars-20-LED-3.8-Meters
    Christmas String Lights Stars 20 LED 3.8 Meters
    £24.95 £9.95
  23. Christmas-String-light-5-Filament-LED-0.7m
    Christmas String light 5 Filament LED 0.7m
    £20.95 £12.95
  24. Osram-mouse-transformer-70VA
    Osram mouse transformer 70VA
    £17.95 £16.95
  25. Osram-mouse-transformer-105VA
    Osram mouse transformer 105VA
    £20.95 £18.95
  26. Christmas-Light-Weeping-Willow-LED-Cool-White-1-Meter
    Christmas Light Weeping Willow LED Cool White 1 Meter
    £39.95 £18.95
  27. Christmas-Light-Santa-Projector-LED-Cool-White
    Christmas Light Santa Projector LED Cool White
    £29.95 £18.95
  28. Carcass-ring-from-E27-to-E14
    Carcass ring from E27 to E14
  29. Christmas-Tree-LED-1.25-Meters
    Christmas Tree LED 1.25 Meters
    £62.95 £39.95
  30. Christmas-Light-Laser-Projector-LED-Red-and-Green-4-modes
    Christmas Light Laser Projector LED Red and Green 4 modes
    £47.95 £22.95
  31. Christmas-Light-Laser-Projector-LED-Red-and-Green-9-Modes
    Christmas Light Laser Projector LED Red and Green 9 Modes
    £57.95 £33.95
  32. Christmas-Light-Father-Christmas-Projector-LED-Red
    Christmas Light Father Christmas Projector LED Red
    £20.95 £9.95
  33. Modern-dining-room-chair-black---Corda
    Modern dining room chair black - Corda
    £195.00 £175.00
55 Items
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You will find that we have over 300 items for you too choose from when it comes to light accessories and other items you might need for your home or lamp. From fabric twisted flex cables to lamp shades and electrical items such as dimmer switches to transformers. We have a variety of accessories such as ground pins for your outdoor bollard lights, wall and ceiling PIR sensor for your indoor and outdoor lighting to a wide choice of lamp shades suitable for your pendant lights, table lights and floor lamps. Looking for a simple light without shades? Take a look at our lighting without shades that is sure to fit in with your home or office decor, wall light with reading arm to wall arc lamp ready for you to accessorise yourself! From square standing shades to small clamp shades for your table lamps to adjustment rings from an E27 to E14. Endless choices when it comes to electrical items and accessories!

Need help or advise?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we are here to help!


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