A must have trend – Organic Nature style

Country, organic, botanical, raw…so much in one name! We are a huge fan of the Organic Nature style at lampandlight. It’s a combination of country, botanical and natural elements! Learn more about this decor!

A natural feeling

This style and decor are inspired by nature and countryside, it’s all about creating a tranquil and subtle finishes, making it a central point in your home. Natural materials such as bamboo, reed, rattan or wood are seen in furniture, lighting and accessories as well as colours in light tones such as neutral and earthy finishes. Plants are a must as the finishing touches to add a botanical and natural decor. An overall serenity and subtleness is created through this decor.

To add a touch of warmth in overall appearance a leather sofa with fabric upholstery, large cosy cushions in a calming print or light colours such brown, beige, grey or off-white will finish it off perfectly. Plants are a must for the final touches, this brings the whole Organic Nature style and decor together! Nowadays, you can mix and match go for small, big, real or fake plants in your home! Get green and cosy!

Lighting in this style and decor

In a country and Organic Nature style and decor create cosy corners to provide soft and warm lighting. Lights that suit this style and decor come in every shape, size, colours and materials, they can easily be recognised by their rustic and authentic finish. A country-inspired light will be more raw and old weathered finishes like they are second hand, this term can also be called ‘brocante’ Well, we wouldn’t be lampandlight if we didn’t mention few of our must-haves! One of our favourite is definitely the table lamp Cleo with a bronze base and black shade with an inner golden finish, a true eye-catcher in the living room! Another is the Botanica range, vintage and classic leaf design lights that are sure to be a warm and cosy finish to an Organic Nature-inspired decor.

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