Arc Lamps: a must-have

Do you have an empty space in your living room? Ever thought of using an Arc Lamp for that empty spot? An Arc Lamp is the perfect statement maker both as functional as well as atmospheric lighting. Want to know more? Read on!

Arc Lamp as a floor lamp

Arc lamp is a statement maker in your home, but what is an Arc Lamp is exactly? An arc lamp is a floor lamp but with a wide and sturdier base, it is also arched (as the name suggests) and it is usually finished off with a shade.

You can go for an arc lamp that does come with a shade, a complete set that will fit in with your style and decor, but you can also opt-out for an arc lamp that does not come with a shade allowing you to choose which shade you want. Looking for a statement-making finish when it comes to arc lamps with shades, how about velvet printed shades in a floral print, peacock print or striking gold colour. Endless choices!

Are you more into simplicity and minimalism, the Arc Lamp Basic in copper with an opal shade is not only simple but a statement maker with a great colour combination. Black Arc lamps are perfect for an industrial-inspired decor to provide a subtle finish.

Functional as well…

Arc lamp isn’t just for decorative purposes, it also offers a functional use when it comes to reading as it arches over your sofa as well as perfect for direct lighting if working on your dining table. Its functional use is great as it spreads the light out evenly without it dazzling you!

These decorative and statement-making lamps are a must-have for that empty spot in your living room, it will fit in perfectly with any style and decor. It is adjustable in height and shade allowing you to direct lighting where you need it to create both functional and atmospheric lighting!

Need something new for your home, check out our range of Arc Lamps as the perfect finish for your living room.

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