Back to nature with Organic Nature style

We are getting busier and more stressful. Nothing is better than to come to yourself in nature, with enough space and tranquility. What could be better than applying this in your interior? Organic Nature is a living style that brings nature into your home by using natural materials and colors. In many cases, these materials are also better for the environment. A win-win situation.

Bring the outside in

When we talk about natural elements, you think of wood, bamboo, stone, leather, wool and (of course …) plants. The furniture at Organic Nature is often made of leather or wood. Unevenness such as knots are almost a must! That makes it natural and real. Fabric cushions and linen curtains in light and soft colors provide cosiness and tranquility in the house. With a woolen rug over the sofa in an ocher yellow or terracotta color you create warmth in the living room. Fauna A is a nice example of a hanging lamp that uses natural elements such as concrete and a nice house plant. Common colors in this living style are earthy tones such as green, yellow ocher, dark brown, chili red, beige, gray, and terracotta. These colors give a room a lot of character.

Eastern spheres

An Eastern touch to your interior provides that little bit of extra style. A beautiful rug with an oriental pattern or a table lamp with a leopard print is a perfect match! By using rattan, wood and other natural materials and plants you give the space a botanical feel. The Canna floor lamp fits in perfectly with this living style with its rattan shade. Give a wall a natural photo wallpaper, or how about a moss wall? Super beautiful!

Organic Nature is the perfect example of a beautiful and warm interior, combined with natural materials and colors. Are you ready yet?

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