Bathroom lights for a relaxed atmosphere

On some days it’s important that we take some time to ourselves in order to relax. The bathroom is one of the spaces in our home that can create that tranquil atmosphere. With the right lighting, you can create your own spa in your bathroom for a more relaxing and atmospheric finish.

Choosing bathroom lighting

One of the key finishes in a bathroom is lighting, there are many styles and designs to choose from but getting the right one is essential. When it comes to bathroom lighting it should sturdy and efficient as they shouldn’t be replaced for many years. Check all our bathroom lamps here!

One of the most important things to take into account when it comes to bathroom lighting is the IP values, all light comes with an IP value but it doesn’t mean that most of them will be suitable for a bathroom. It is essential to understand that a bathroom is divided into zones, each zone will require a different IP value light. The most recommended IP value is IP44 around the sink or moisture-free zone, for more moisture and humidity zones such as the bath and shower area you will need at least an IP67 and above.

The Set of 3 Recessed Relax spotlights are an IP44 and are perfect as additional lighting in the bathroom, suitable to be installed around an enclosed shower and bath area.

A relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom

For a more relaxing and cosy feeling, opt-out for a dimmable light that will create the perfect ambiance. Dimmable recessed spotlights or ceiling lights are the perfect addition to your bathroom decor to create both functional and atmospheric finishes when you need it.

In addition to lighting, include relaxing products for a more relaxing and spa feeling such as scented candles, bath oil, and bath bombs as well as relaxing music in the background to complete the overall tranquility you desire.

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