Black floor lamp: an all-rounder

Floor lamps come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, so whether they are small or large, they will be a statement maker when introduced to your decor! You can use a floor lamp in almost all styles and decor to fill a space or to create a simple yet cosy atmosphere. Find out how you can introduce a black floor lamp into your decor in this blog.

Choose a finish to your taste

Black floor lamps come in many different finishes, such as wood, steel/chrome or ones with glass or fabric shades. A wood floor lamp has a robust appearance and can easily fit into many home decor it is timeless and comes in different styles. Steel/chrome finish exudes an industrial look, it is the perfect finish when combined with other materials such as concrete, aluminum or hard plastic items.

Do you prefer a less robust and industrial lamp? Then floor lamps with glass or fabric shades are ideal as they emit warm and atmospheric lighting, a smoked glass shade will ensure it emits a very cosy ambiance and warm lighting.

So which style suits you?

  • Industrial: A lot of the floor lamps will have an industrial look because of its appearance, they are quite large which gives it its robust finish. So an industrial black floor lamp is ideal as a space-filler whether it’s in your living room, bedroom or dining area. This style of floor lamp is perfect for areas where grey and brown are the main colours used, when you introduce a large black floor lamp you create an atmosphere in contrast with the overall colours of the room.
  • Classic: Do you prefer more vintage or retro style lamps? Then a classic finish is ideal for you, the use of gold and copper in combination with black gives a floor lamp the ultimate classic and retro look. With the use of these colours, the black floor lamp stands out more and radiates beautiful lighting.
  • Country: With the use of wood and wrought iron the country style and decor are created. Natural and countryside inspired colours such as brown and green work beautifully with a black floor lamp.

A black floor lamp is a must-have, it easily fits into almost all styles and decors, they exude cosiness, atmosphere and warm lighting as well as functional lighting. Want a more atmospheric yet functional light in your home? Then go for a statement-making black floor lamp!

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