Bring autumn into your home with lampandlight

Brr… It is getting colder and the days are getting shorter: that means autumn. Time for fun! And how do you create that better than with the perfect lighting of lampandlight? Dim the lights, light the candles, and choose your favorite movie! How do you make it fall in the house? Read our tips here.

Warm tones in the house

When you think of autumn, you think of warm tones such as burgundy, brown, dark gray, and green. These accent colors provide the cozy feeling you are looking for during colder days. Just think of the colors of the autumn leaves in the forest! Extend that into your interior. It is also an ideal decoration for the home. Don’t you think? Think of cozy plaids and blankets in beige or brown to crawl under in the evening! Accents in wood have long been a trend in the interior, but during the autumn period, these items should certainly be highlighted!

Autumnal lighting in your interior

But then literally with our Botanica collection. These lamps are beautifully finished in black or gold and with a leaf design, which is a real eye-catcher on the lamp. The great asset for this autumn is the BOTANICA lamp! Because it gets dark earlier and earlier, you can enjoy this topper even longer in the evening. A lamp that also scores well during the coming autumn and wintertime is our CLEO: finished with a striking bronze base and a black shade with a golden interior. Wow, what an eye-catcher! A standout in the living room, but also a cozy lamp in the bedroom.

Candles do well every year and in every season! But in the fall we really need that warmth and cosiness inside the house. So light as many candles as possible and enjoy the tranquility this fall!

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