Bulb fittings: What are the important things to know?

Bulb fittings

Lamps require specific bulb fittings, sometimes this can become quite difficult to identify as there are a lot! Well, that´s why we are here: lampandlight! We are here to help you find the right the bulb for the right fitting to complete your lamp!

The E27 bulb

E27 is one of the most common and used bulbs in a lamp, it is sometimes referred to as Edison Screw with its 27mm long screw cap thread allowing it to screw into a fitting. There are many different types of E27 bulbs from halogen and incandescent to energy saving and LEDs. What you need to know: Incandescent and halogen bulbs are easily replaced with LEDs, a large variety of E27 LEDs are available ready to replace old bulbs you are using now. These are must-haves in your home!

GU10: Which bulb is this?

A GU10 bulb has two pins to connect into a lamp, turn the bulb into a slight angle of 90 degrees and clicked into the required holes in the lamp. This type of bulb is mainly used and compatible with recessed lights and some ceiling spotlights!

To give you a good example: this GU10 bulb is warm white allowing to give your room a warm and atmospheric look, ideal for an area where you require great lighting.

E14 bulb: perfect to create ambiance

E14 also known as small Edison screw with its 14mm long screw cap thread allowing it to screw into a fitting. The E14 is ideal bulb to create an atmosphere as well as provide a warm finish when used with a lamp, usually used with table lamps, desk lamps or reading lights.

What´s even great about E14s are that it usually comes in different shapes such as filament candle shape or its normal round shape, perfect for chandeliers to give it a decorative finish. Found the perfect E14 bulb? See how it transforms your chosen area and lamp!

For more information on all types of bulbs take a look at our “Everything about lighting“- page where you will find a further detailed explanation when it comes to the most commonly used bulbs. When purchasing a lamp make sure you read the specification as it provides you bulb information and informs you the type of bulb the fitting will take. Complete your lamp with the correct bulb to provide cozy and atmospheric lighting!

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