Cosy and safe: solar garden lights

Outdoor lighting is a must have-have for outdoor needs. Not only for an atmospheric effect but garden lights also have other functional needs: it provides security for your home. Solar garden lights work best with this. What exactly is this? Read it here!

What is outdoor solar lights?

As the name itself implies, solar lights work with solar energy. Sunlight is converted into electrical energy thanks to the solar panels on the light fixture, this converted electrical energy is then stored in the rechargeable batteries that provide power to the lamp. This eco-friendly and energy efficient light lasts you longer making it ideal to enjoy more cosy and atmospheric lighting during the evenings without the use of wiring.

Sustainable solution

Because solar lights work on solar energy, this is an environmentally friendly solution to your outdoor needs. It is simple to install, there is no need for wires and you can pretty much install them anywhere you like in your garden. Let the sun do all the hard work for you!

During the summer, Solar lights are most effective to be used for your outdoor needs. They charge during the day and soak up the sun’s energy allowing these lights to be fully used during the evenings for a cosy get together without the worry of consuming energy. Solar lights are also great to be used as part of your security lighting, they can stay on all night without the worry of lights going out, allowing you to sleep with ease or being away from your home knowing there is a light on all night for those dark corners of your garden.

Outdoor lamps with solar energy

For an atmospheric evening, we have a large range of solar lamps available at lampandlight! The Boston outdoor lamp works (of course) on solar energy and has a built-in long-lasting LED lighting. The Boston allows you to experience great lighting with the perfect atmospheric setting as well as being an additional security lighting for your outdoors. Check it out now!

To make a long story short: solar is an added value to your garden and overall outdoor use, it is an easy way to add atmosphere and great lighting, as well as security, needs to your overall home.

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