Dimmable lights for the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, it is where we go to relax, create tranquility and coziness. Having dimmable lighting is perfect as you create your own ambiance and warmth. Read on for some of the best tips when it comes to dimmable bedroom lights.

Dimmable LED lights

Dimmable LED lights are ideal for providing atmospheric lighting as you control the light output. Recessed or surface spotlights are ideal, they are the basic lighting needed throughout your home as they offer both functional and atmospheric lighting. However, when they are dimmable and LED they offer the best combination, they last longer and you can control the light intensity by creating the right ambiance at night. Take a look at our wide range of dimmable spotlights!

Looking for a modern inspired statement maker in the corner of your bedroom that will also emit an atmospheric lighting? Check out the Stino! This floor lamp is perfect to create a simple, sleek, and modern inspired floor lamp, the smoke glass shades give an ambiance and illuminate the corner to provide warmth. Here’s a tip when choosing the E14 bulbs the Stino takes, go for a 3000K with 100LM output, this creates a soft and warm white lighting.

Do you like more warmth and earthy tones in your bedroom? Bamboo or wood finished lamps are perfect lights to add warmth and create atmospheric lighting. Combine it with plants in the corner of your bedroom or shelves, an accented chair, or a striking curtain! Check out our range of Rattan pendant lamps ideal to add a natural and organic finish to your bedroom decor.

Accessories your bedroom

Create a cosy bedroom by using warm materials such as curtains and bedding sets. Add plants, candles, and pillows for a decorative finish or if you have the space to fit an accented chair to make a statement. If you choose to use colours such as blue for your accessories it works with white walls or if you choose dark reds it would complement cream/beige walls. Ensure whatever you choose complements the rest of your bedroom’s decor!

Include personal accessories such as paintings or photo frames to create a warmer and more personalised finish. Make your bedroom yours so you can relax and enjoy it 100%!

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