Facts about recessed spotlights

Recessed spotlights in your home: they are mainly used as general lighting (read: Basic lighting) in your kitchen, living room or bedroom as well as creating an atmosphere. What should the distance between each spotlight be? Read the following facts about recessed spotlights below.

Why recessed spotlights?

Recessed spotlights are inserted into the ceiling in which cut-outs have been made. They are simple and can easily be integrated into different decors and styles as they are used primarily as general lighting.

Recessed spotlights are ideal in areas where you require a lot of light to be used and spread evenly, especially in areas where you do work such as kitchen as good lighting is emitted when cooking or doing work. They are also perfect for bathrooms as they create enough light for general use, however, take IP values into account when opting out for recessed lights, your recessed spotlight must have the required IP values for difference zones, the minimum IP Value required is IP21.

A great tip: Always choose recessed spotlights that have tilting bulb holders, these are popular as it allows you to direct lights where you need it.

Distance between recessed spotlights

When installing recessed spotlights, they are usually placed in close proximity to each other. However, sometimes it can be difficult to estimate how far apart you have to place each light from each other in order to get the best amount of lighting needed. Take into consideration the light beam the bulb has, this is usually highlighted within the product, the larger the light beam the further the light shines. So an example of a spotlight that has a bulb with a light beam of 10 degrees will illuminate a surface area of 0.5 m² when it has a light beam of 36 degrees it will illuminate an area of 1.5 m². However, please note this, of course, all depends on the size of the room and the main purpose of your lighting requirement.

So what’s your target? You have to decide what your main purpose of using a recessed spotlight is and where do you want to use it at. It is usually used for high traffic areas such as the kitchen, living room or areas where you work a lot. Generally, calculations are made for individual recessed spotlights at
a distance between 80 and 150 cm apart.

Go on! Get started on installing recessed spotlights to ensure you create good general lighting for your home.

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