Fall in love with your interior again

One of our favorite living styles deserves to be in the spotlight more often! New Romantics takes us back to the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Especially soft or very warm colors with a golden accent are used. As the name says, you can already smell the romance! New Romantics has a luxurious and glamorous look. Anything but boring! A bit of Hollywood at home, but slightly different! Curious?

Back to then

Materials such as marble, concrete, gold, brass, velvet and velvet are indispensable in New Romantics. Marble in various dark colors, but also soft pink and terracotta are colors that fit perfectly with this living style. Fabrics such as velvet and velvet are widely used in the interior, whether in the form of an armchair, a cushion or a lampshade. The furniture is often a mix of different styles, which has a nonchalant impression but does bring atmosphere. Give the room the same soft color or color group, this will make the room look much more spacious and create a soothing atmosphere. With the floor lamp Kaso you can see the characteristic New Romantics materials all comeback! The velvet Granny shade is combined with a marble base, which brings you back to the living room of your grandfather and grandmother. A little gold should not be missing!

We are golden

We are very enthusiastic about the recurring gold tones! We see the metallic colors reflected in the interior in many different ways, often as an accent or detail. For example as a candle holder, legs of the sofa, or table lamp. Take the beautiful Botanica, a real eye-catcher. Not only a nice lamp, but also a nice accessory for your interior. In addition to the fact that gold often exudes luxury and glamor, it is also a warm color, which is also very important with New Romantics. Colors such as dark green, sea blue, soft pink, aubergine purple, and earth tones such as terracotta combine well with gold and brass. The soft, warm colors give the interior a feminine character.

New Romantics is an innovative, cozy, and trendy living style. Are you ready?

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