Feel safe at home with smart lighting

Unfortunately it gets dark outside early again. You often leave in the morning in the dark and come home in the dark. Good outdoor lighting is then very nice, for example at the garden path or back door. It also deters burglars when a lamp suddenly switches on. So extra safe! In this blog you can read a number of tips for a safer home.

Light trick from the old days

The trick of leaving indoor lights on when you’re not at home still works like the best! Nowadays you can do it in a more sustainable way, so that it is also good for a better environment. With a timer and energy-efficient LED lighting, for example. Set the switch so that the lights go on when it gets dark outside and off when it is later in the evening, around bedtime. You can of course also choose to turn off the lighting yourself, it is also very nice if a light is on when you get home.

The choice is huge

For around the house you have many different options for outdoor lamps. For example, you have outdoor lamps with a light-dark sensor, which switches on automatically when it gets dark. The outdoor lamp with motion detector, such as DENMARK, switches on as soon as it detects movement. Often this is for a specific time, which you can set yourself. A motion sensor, on the other hand, does not react to movement but to heat. A bird that flies by or falling leaves is therefore no reason to engage, but it is when (unnecessary) guests walk by. You can also set this variant yourself how long the lamp burns when it responds.

In addition to the fact that good lighting is very important, it is of course also important that you always check whether all windows and doors are closed. Make sure you keep valuables out of sight, have no ladders in the garden and the house key is not under the doormat. You don’t want to make it too easy for burglars!

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