A garden festival

Create your own festival in your garden! As a lot of the festivals have cancelled this summer, how about creating your own one in your garden? As lockdown eases and more people are getting together, why not transform your garden into a mini-festival this summer with some good music and barbecue!

Organise your very own garden festival

Make your own tickets for the festival and come up with an original theme. Hand out the tickets with wristbands to your friends so that they have an entrance ticket. Hang a large sheet in the garden and rent a beamer. Choose together which artists you would like to see on the canvas and be in the front row! Don’t feel like this song? No problem, continue to the next! Set up a pool to cool down a bit after all those intense dance moves. It’s also fun to dress up your pool with inflatable floats, animals, and water guns! A big advantage of a festival in your own garden is that there are no long lines at the toilets or the bar…

Atmosphere with outdoor lighting

As soon as it gets dark and everyone has enjoyed the festival food, it is time for the evening program. With the cozy Denmark as outdoor lighting, you ensure that the atmosphere is immediately good again. This standing outdoor lamp resembles a torch and creates a real festival atmosphere!

Are you suffering from sore feet? Relax in a nice hammock or sitting area. Dress this up nicely with the Storm. You can hang this lamp on the table, next to the dance floor or in the tree. Don’t stay in the hammock for too long, because you don’t want to miss the final show. Ps: don’t forget your Storm light, leave it outside of your tent to provide the ideal atmospheric lighting to get you to drift off!

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