Garden lights for the summer: tips

garden lights summer

As summer is here, we start to enjoy our evenings even more in our garden. We will give you a few tips to choose the right garden lights to make your evenings more atmospheric. To get the tips started: lanterns are so in!

Tip 1: Garden Lanterns for your terrace

If you have enough space on your terrace or garden, a large lantern is a must-have. A lantern is a statement maker and has an effective appearance that can easily be placed anywhere. Check out our Guardado range!

The Storm lamp is one of our favourite outdoor lights and one we are proud of! This portable lamp can be put anywhere in your garden; have it on your garden table, on the ground near your patio or terrace or make a statement and hang it on a tree!

garden lights summer

Tip 2: Outdoor pendant lights

Do you have a covered porch or terrace? Then the “Anna” white pendant lamp is the perfect addition for a cool and cosy outdoor light that extends from your interior. Due to the white colour this pendant lamp provides you with a summery finish to the overall decor. Pendant lights are space savers, this way you are getting the perfect lighting without taking up space and allowing you room for more decoration!

outdoor pendant lights

Tip 3: Timeless candles

Candles have always been a must-have in a cosy and atmospheric setting, they radiate warmth (literally and figuratively) which creates a pleasant evening. If you choose the right lights for your garden or outdoor space, you will create the perfect atmosphere for those long and warm evenings. Once the lights are done, you can focus more on the finishing touches to complete your decor, adding scented or unscented candles is a plus as well as decorating with colourful printed pillows and different plants and flowers to finish of a cosy touch to your garden.

Garden lights do not only provide an atmospheric finish to your outdoor space but can also be used as part of your security lighting. When lights are on in your garden, it can be effective at deterring burglars and urban animals such as foxes. Safety & atmosphere all in one!

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