Holiday in your garden

Holiday season is upon us, but this year is a whole lot different. Its Staycation this summer, holiday in your garden! As it gets warmer and sunnier, you don’t have to travel far to holiday at home. Find some tips below on how to turn your garden to the ultimate destination holiday.

The Jungle tour

There is so much to discover in your garden whether its small or large. Create the perfect jungle scene by adding more greenery, such as fruit trees, vines, large plants with leaves and hanging plants. So instead of planning a day at the zoo, take your children on their very own Jungle tour so you can discover butterflies, insects and birds right in your garden. In the evening, relax by getting into your hammock and swing the day away!


Create a peaceful garden to enjoy your staycation this summer. A corner lounging area, that is comfortable and cosy filled with lots of cushions and atmospheric lighting. Adding atmospheric lighting to your garden will create the perfect ambiance, garden path lighting, outdoor pole lamps as well pendant or wall lamps will be ideal for certain areas in your garden. Invite friends and family over when it is safe to do so, spend the summer together and enjoy late evening dinner parties in your garden.

Camp in your Garden

Do you enjoy camping or would like to try something new with your kids? How about camping in your garden! If you already have camping kits, easily set it all up in a corner of your garden and enjoy both the sunset and sunrise or star gaze! The Storm lamp is the perfect addition to your camping needs, portable and easy to use, this lantern style LED lamp is sure to emit the right light needed at night.

The advantage of camping in your garden is that you can never forget anything!

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