Home decor trends in 2020? Nature

Yes, you read that right, 2020 is all about introducing nature into your home. This is done with the use of natural materials, earthy colour tones as well as the big hitter plants. Obviously lighting will be an important factor that will complete the overall decor. Read on for some good ideas when it comes to home trends!

Colours in 2020

Colours such as matte gold, ochre and black are must-haves this year, they will play a huge part in 2020 home trends when it comes to lighting, furniture and accessories as it gives it a unique twist to the overall decor. Matte black lamp fixtures are perfect as a finishing style when you dim the light it creates a cosy and warm atmospheric space. Cosiness is not just a 2020 trend, but an overall recurring trend that has been around for some time.

Neutral colours such as white, beige and brown still remain favourites and popular, but strong colours such as ochre and blue will have overall striking finishes, include blue plaid or ochre throw/blanket.

Lighting trends in 2020

The Pallon range is the ideal lamps to finish of your home decor, they come in trendy colours and with the round glass shades will fit in perfectly. Another trendsetter is the Flore range, comes in either matte black or gold, complete with either smoke or opal glass shades, statement makers as well as must-haves for this year as you can mix and match with these two ranges!

Shapes in 2020

One word: Round! This shape has become very popular and can be found in almost every furniture and lighting. Round dining or side table, round glass shade lights or bulbs as part of your home decor.

A very inspiring and refreshing trend is the need to be more aware of our environment and our CO2 emissions. Sustainable living can be done in many different ways, start with environmentally friendly paint, buy second-hand furniture from thrift or vintage stores, this adds character and uniqueness to your decor. How about items that belonged to your grandmother, such round and weathered finish mirror to add to your home style, it’s personal and exudes character.

The following trend is easy and will give you ideas, however, the best use out of your home decor comes directly by adding your own unique twist to it. Combining a round dining table with a thrifted square rug will provide a beautiful mix character and style!

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