How to control colour temperature (Kelvin)

LED has come a long way and it has so many different functions such as controlling your lights colour temperature which is also known as Kelvin. The colour temperature (Kelvins) of a bulb or light indicates whether it gives a warm, warm white and cool/white light. So how do you control the colour temperature exactly? Read on!

The transformation of LED lighting

When LED first came into the market, it was an uncomfortable cool/white light only and lacked warmth. However, LED has come a long way since then, more and more LED options became available with warm white and decorative finishes to create a cosy and warm space. Incandescent bulbs were soon replaced with LEDs which also proved to last longer and save energy! The function to adjust/control colour temperature (Kelvins) came soon after. Nearly all households have now switched to LEDs for its practical and atmospheric use!

Kelvins by Lampandlight

At lampandlight we have a large range of different light bulbs that allow you to control Kelvin with the use of a dimmer switch. The use of LED bulbs with Kelvin control is ideal for your everyday use, for example during the day if daylight is limited use the cool/white light for the functional purpose to work and stay productive. In the evening or when relaxing dim the bulb to a warm white for a more cosy and warm space, perfect for a romantic night!

Bulbs that have Kelvin control will have an icon on the image:

This bulb is perfect when it comes to kelvin control using your own dimmer switch. Control the colour temperature with the use of your own compatible dimmer switch, simply add this bulb with your favourite lamp into the basket and transform your space from a warm white to warmer and cosy light!

This bulb has a 3-step dim function for Kelvin control, you can adjust the colour temperature of this bulb with the full use of your very own wall switch that’s connected to your lamp. With quick succession after switching your lamp on, using your wall switch control the Kelvins from 100% (cool white), down to 60% (Warm white), and all the way down to 30% (warmer white). The simplest way of controlling and adjusting your kelvins without the need for a dimmer switch.

If you’re looking for a built-in and non-replaceable lamps that are decorative and long-lasting, then this ceiling lamp is ideal for you. The Ronith comes complete with its own remote control allowing you to control its Kelvins from the comfort of your sofa! Choose from cool white to warm white within seconds, perfect ceiling lamp for Kitchens, living room, dining area and bedroom!

Colour temperature control allows you to ensure that you set the right lighting needs for your space, allowing full use of both functional and atmospheric lighting!

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