Lampandlight sustainable return policy

More and more online orders are taking place nowadays, this means more packages and packing materials are being delivered. At we are conscious of our carbon footprint and mindful of the type of packaging we use to ensure we are doing our part for the environment.

How do we do it?

We try to limit returns as much as possible by ensuring we describe products well and package our items well to avoid damage in transit. Of course, you can still return items and receive replacements, that’s not a problem at all and our free returns are still in place. However, for every return that takes place and we offset CO2 emissions we are donating a set amount to Trees for All to plant trees, protect and restore forests. In the last few years, they have replanted many trees to compensate 280 tonnes of CO2 emissions that have been offsetted.

The lampandlight Forest initiative

We have joined forces with Trees for All to create the lampandlight forest initiative which is taking place in Het Groene Woud (The Green Forest), located between Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch in the Netherlands. The forest is being strengthened and maintained with our help!

By sustaining and strengthening the forest, this creates biodiversity: as National Landscape with swamps, marshes and meadows there are many species of mammals that call it home. In addition to the usual forest animals, you will also find many protected and rare species such as colourful tadpole, kingfisher butterfly, tree frogs, red-backed shrike, wild cat, otter and black stork, and much more.

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