Lighting trends 2021

New year, new (lamp) trends! A moment that we look forward to. 2020 was a year that we want to forget quickly and how better to do that than to start with a new interior! Give it a boost with the latest colors and accessories of 2021. Which lamp trends suit you? Read on!

You can learn to combine

One of the trends that you will see back in 2021 is combining different country styles. This way you will quickly recognize Japandi style. This trend combines the Japanese style with the Scandinavian style. Think of organic shapes, neutral colors, earth tones and soft fabrics. Much use is made of light wood, rattan and bamboo. This was already an emerging trend in 2020 and will continue into the new year. Pendant lamp Cane Ball 40 is a perfect example of such a lamp within this trend.

This worldly style often opts for a dark base color. The interior is decorated with accessories and gives it a warm and cozy atmosphere. Colors that go with this are gold, yellow ocher, emerald green, blue, and warm earth tones.

Lamp trends 2021

We wouldn’t be lampandlight if we weren’t talking about lighting trends. What you will see in 2021 are decorative lamps, which determine the atmosphere in your home. The type of light source is important, it depends on the type of lamp and living style. Lamps or light sources with amber glass or smoke effect should not be missing. Take the Dome, you can add this floor lamp to your interior according to your own taste, because you determine what kind of light source comes in. Or the Pallon Mezzi floor lamp, its green glass creates a cozy light effect in the room!

Pssst, also keep an eye on the smart lighting. This is not only a saving for your wallet, but also contributes to a better environment. Because the lighting can easily be controlled remotely with your smartphone, you can adjust the light color and intensity yourself and it reduces the risk of burglary.

In short, enough new and fun trends in lighting for 2021!

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