Modern Style: not so ‘less’ anymore

Modern Clean is an all-time favourite style and decor. Simplicity and sleekness is a key characteristic with colours such as greys, whites and black. We’re giving this style a makeover, its no longer ‘less is more’ but transform it into a more natural and cosier look. Read on!

Combination of design and nature

Still using basic colours such as black, white and grey combine it with natural finishes such as wood, rattan or bamboo, giving it a cosier look! Incorporate these natural finishes in furniture, decorative accessories and in lighting! The pendant lamp Lina range is the perfect lighting for a combination of design and nature with its woven and open look for a decorative and lighting effect on the ceiling and wall, ideal to fit in with a grey or white wall finishes!

Make no mistake, Modern Clean is still a style that is minimalistic and sleek, accessories are still limited. The overall accessories used often have a design finish and are statement makers.

Sleek shapes renewed

Furniture isn’t just simple and sleek, for example, its not just leather chairs but you see more fabric seatings. Dining tables are more glossy and decorative or wooden finishes, with some rattan finishes added here and there.

Lighting in Modern style

Do you like sleek and simple finishes? Or would you like to try the updated version of Modern Clean? Whichever one you go for, you’ll find the best lighting that will suit your style and decor. Ceiling spotlights and wall lamps are the perfect basic lighting and you’ll see it being used in a simple and sleek modern finish, ceiling spotlight such as Rondoo or Transfer wall lamp are ideal for this look. Feel at home with your very own (modern) makeover!

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