Pond & swimming pool – Lighting tips

The perfect addition to your garden this summer is a swimming pool or a pond. You can create a complete atmosphere and functionality with the right use of lighting around your garden pond or swimming pool. Read on for some tips!

Use recessed spotlights

The best lights in or around your swimming pool or garden pond are recessed spotlights. They are practical, stylish, and can easily fit into any decor and style.

The best recessed spotlights are those that use LED bulbs, these are ideal as they are energy saving, lasts longer and doesn’t need constant bulb replacement. LED recessed spotlights do not need to be switched off and you keep it on all night and will be the perfect feature light around your garden pond or illuminate your swimming pool. Another great tip, use RGB LED bulbs as you can choose different colours that suit your mood, RGBs are a great way in creating a fun and vibrant space around your swimming pool or garden pond. Get creative and colourful when you use the RGB colour changing bulbs in the evenings!

Keep in mind that you do not install your lights too deep into the swimming pool or pond, this will defeat the purpose of the light use and its effects. Depending on how deep your garden pond or swimming pool is, do not go any deeper than 40cm, this allows the perfect lighting to emit and create both functional and atmospheric lighting. It also makes it easier to replace the bulbs if they go!

NOTE: IP value is important

Your safety and the safety of others is a must, therefore using the correct lighting and taking note of their IP value is important when it comes to a garden pond or swimming pool. IP value/classification represents protection against dirt/dust and liquids. So it’s important that the correct underwater light must be used and have an IP value of IP68. This is also the highest IP rating you can have.

How about adding some atmospheric lighting in your garden, perfect decking, or wall light in addition to your underwater lights. Check out our Rotterdam light, perfect to complement your overall garden decor and style!

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