Recessed or surface-mounted spotlights; the difference

Are you in the search for practical lighting for indoor and outdoor use? A spotlight is just what you are after! At lampandlight there is a large range of both recessed and surface-mounted spotlights to choose from. But what is the difference? We explain more below.

What is a recessed spotlight?

Recessed spotlights are inserted into the ceiling in which cut-outs are made. With these types of recessed spotlights, you have to pay attention to the type of ceiling you have and whether recessed spotlights can fit in there and if they require any fire-rated classification.

Recessed spotlights provide more sleek and simple lighting, it gives your interior a cleaner finish as it is evenly recessed into your ceiling. The great thing about recessed spotlights is that they come in different shapes, sizes and colours giving you a wider range to choose from which makes it easier to ensure that it fits well with your style and decor. These lights are perfect in every room, as they produce both functional and atmospheric lighting, many recessed lights are dimmable giving you the choice from going full functional to control the light intensity.

Our recessed spotlight Edu is ideal, it is practical and comes in different colour choices, complete with tilting bulb holder that allows you to direct light where it suits you best. Simple yet very stylish!

What is a surface-mounted spotlight?

Surface-mounted spotlights are exactly as the name states, there is no need for cut-out holes or taking the type of ceiling you have into account, you simply mount it on your ceiling. They are usually flush to the ceiling allowing it to easily be fitted with ease and many come in different shapes and colours.

The Franca spotlight is a perfect example, it comes in popular neutral colours such as black and grey, it is the ideal spotlight to be used for both indoors or outdoors. So great to have many of them together in your living room or outside in your decking or terrace area for a functional and atmospheric finish.

Do you prefer a more hidden or conspicuous recessed or surface mounted spotlighted for a statement-making finish? Choose lights that will suit the space and decor for the ultimate upgrade!

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