Saying yes to a country decor

Country style and decor is no longer a trend this year, but it still remains one of the main decors that creates a homey feel! It is mainly a combination of rustic materials with a natural finish. Want to know how lighting works in this decor? Check out our country inspired lamps to add that extra cosiness in your home.

A country-inspired style and decor

A country-inspired decor is an extension to your overall surrounding such as your garden, living in the countryside or rural areas you often see a more rustic and warmer finish to homes. Natural colours such as brown, white and grey coupled with rustic furniture and warm materials are the key finishes of your a country-inspired home. Accessories such a simple pendant lamp or beautifully crafted vase will be the perfect finishes to create a cosy and warm touch to the overall decor.

Our Pendant Lamp Sicko fits into this decor perfectly! it is sturdy and stylish finished in black that is perfect in the kitchen, living room or above your dining area.

Feel at peace in your home

Thanks to the perfect combination of warmth and natural finishes your home will immediately provide a more relaxing atmosphere. With the country style and decor, you are creating small, cosy corners and soft warm lighting.

The use of lighting in country style decor is very important, you will need pendant lamps, floor lamps or table lamps that will create and exude warmth and cosiness as well as being statement-makers for the entire room. These lamps are all available in different beautiful shapes, sizes, colours and materials to give your home exactly what it needs. Choose lamps finished in bamboo, wood or classic colours such as black and white!

Say yes to a country-style decor and give your home a cosy finish!

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