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Great dictionary

Meaning [lamp]: ¨Tool for lighting¨ but more importantly: a product that creates atmosphere! Which room would suit the need for a pendant or wall lamp? Well take a seat as we go through the dictionary of lamps! A selection from some of our favourites….

[Pendant Lamps]

Pendant lamps are not only practical but very functional when it comes to creating atmospheric lighting, it provides the core decorative element for your interior and can really make or break your overall decor and style!. Low hanging pendant lamps are in trend now, this is ideal above a dining table and once dimmed can create a really cosy atmosphere for night ins or when having intimate gatherings!

Our favourite pendant lamp? The pendant lamp Cava 3.

Milou[Table lamps]

Striking finish + functional lighting = a table lamp. Looking for a table lamp like this for your office or as a bedside light; well they can be found everywhere! For office use a table lamp is ideal as a functional light and for those who enjoy reading before bed a bedside table lamp that is decorative would suit your chosen style and decor!


Our favourite table lamp? The Milou, in all the colours!

[Arc Lamps]

Arc lamps are becoming more and more trendier in the recent years when it comes to interior decor, however with an Arc lamp you do need enough space in your chosen room for them to really standout! An arc lamp is striking and add character to your living room or dining room, and give its an up lift to the surrounding area. Its perfect to create ambiance as well as being a decorative addition to your overall decor!

Our favourite arc lamp? The Arc Lamp Basic Copper.


Spotlights are ideal for direct lighting anywhere in your home, they can be used in your living room, hallway aswell as in your bedroom or bathroom. Perfect for those dark corners in your home where lighting is needed, but also the ideal lights to create ambiance.

Our favourite spotlight? The Spotlight Box 2 Dark Grey.

Heart Neon Pink[Wall Lamps]

A wall lamp can just like spotlights be used on its own almost everywhere in your home. It could be a functional light in your hallway or create the right atmosphere in your living room, you can use a wall lamp for almost any purpose according to your needs. A sleek and modern wall lamp can add character and vibrancy to your chosen room, but we also have many other styles that are statement makers that would perfectly suit your living room or bedroom!

Our favourite wall lamps? Wall light Cube Black Wall light Neon heart.

The secret is to mix different types of lamps that could work well in your home, always keep in mind the importance of creating a homely atmosphere.

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