The ideal lighting for your living room

Livingroom lighting

Usually, home lighting consists of base lighting, functional lighting, and atmospheric lighting, therefore when it comes to the living room it is no different as this is where we spend most of our time. So how do you combine base, functional and atmospheric lighting when it comes to your living room?

Accurately placing your main lighting

Base lighting is the main lighting in your living room for best use allowing the entire room to be illuminated. This base lighting ensures that it lights up space and it is usually connected to the main switch and the first to be switched on when you walk into your living room.

The main light is usually on the ceiling and can be ceiling lamp, pendant lamp or ceiling spotlights. Check out our Rondoo Up spotlights, perfect as base lighting and can be used in other areas of your home if you want to have a theme throughout your home!

Livingroom lighting

Functional lighting is essential

Any lighting used in any room has a purpose or function, in a living room, the main function for lighting is for everyday use from work related to simply reading a book. It is ideal to have a table lamp on a side table or floor lamp with a reading arm or adjustable in the corner, take a look at our Floor Lamp Retro.

Livingroom lighting

Atmosphere: Dimming your living room lamps

Ready to relax? Great! A decorative table lamp will immediately transform your living room into a more pleasant and atmospheric setting, pair with a light bulb with a maximum colour temperature of 2700K. Table Lamp Waltz is ideal for both functional and atmospheric lighting, dimmable lamp allowing you to control the light intensity and setting your desired mood for the evening. You will need to source a dimmer switch compatible with plug-in products!

Livingroom lighting

Take your living room decor into account

Your choice of decor and design will determine your lighting needs. Are you more into the industrial or modern inspired decor, or completely in love with dark and wooden accents? Whatever your decor is, include your personal style and taste when it comes to choosing the right light to give the best effect!

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