The perfect colour for your living room

The living room is one of the most used rooms in a home, therefore it is important that the right colours are used to create the type of atmosphere you want. Choosing the right colour simply determines a very large part of what the theme and atmosphere of your interior will be! Read on to learn more!

Pastel colours for your living room?

Are you a fan of pastel colours? Great, as they are trendy and widely used in living rooms! Pastel colours are perfect to set the theme in your home, it goes really well when combined with white or beige colours as well as wooden accessories that create a Scandinavian inspired style and decor. The decor that is (still) a huge trend!

Light up your pastel living room with an array of lamps! Choose Bamboo, Rattan or wooden pendant lamps to create a natural and settling theme. You can also include white or black coloured lamps as timeless pieces to combine with the pastel colours.

Get inspired and check out the perfect pendant lamp to go well with pastel coloured living room; Pendant lamp Natural Bamboo – Cane Bucket.

Bright & colourful living room?

Do you like your living room to look and feel vibrant and full of colour? Enjoy a brighter living room by using bold colours such as yellow, blue and red tones in combination with softer colour such as beige! It is also vital that you choose a striking light to create a statement amongst this bright and colour living room.

Our Bliss pendant lamp in different finishes and appearance is ideal for your living room, this adds a striking and quirky finish to a bold and bright decor!

Something for everyone when it comes to the living room. Find the style and decor that suits you and makes you feel right at home!

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