The use of Wifi bulbs in your home

Smart lighting is ideal as it allows you to control your lights from anywhere. With the smart home devices, you can turn your light on & off remotely without being at home, with a simple touch you can choose your light settings and have full control for it to work around your lifestyle. So why choose a Smart Home? Read all about here!

What are Wifi bulbs exactly?

What makes smart lighting smart is that it can be operated straight from an app on your smartphone or tablet. The LUEDD smart bulbs (official smart lighting of lampandlight) are easy to use and allows you to control light exactly the way you want it all through the use of the LUEDD app. Control light intensity, change colours or simply switch it on/off without too much trouble.

Wifi LED bulbs can be controlled from anywhere, so if you are on your way home at night and you do not want to come to a dark house, you can switch on your lights remotely. What about safety? If you are away from your home and on holiday, you can switch your lights on and off at specific times to ensure that it keeps intruders away to give the illusion that someone is at home.

Wifi bulbs can be found in various fittings, most commonly used are E27s and E14s for most lamp and GU10 for spotlights. Connect the bulbs to your wifi and app to control your overall light settings throughout your home.

Benefits of Wifi bulbs

Wifi bulbs can transform your home for the best, with the simple installation of the app (as mentioned earlier) from your Apple App store of Google Play store you can start to choose how much light you need, different settings and the ability to switch it on or off whether you are inside your home or outside. The possibilities are endless when it comes to smart lighting!

Wifi LED bulbs are great as an energy-efficient light, you decide when you want your light to come on and off, so for your lights to stay on all the time is a thing of the past. With this smart solution to lighting, you are saving greatly on your energy bill, on average an LED bulbs has 20,000 burning hours so without the need to have it on all the time and the ability to control it is sure to last you a long time.

To summarise; the aim of Wifi bulbs it to determine the atmosphere of your home in general without too much trouble! Smart huh?!

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