Tips for the best lighting in your bedroom

bedroom lighting

According to research, you spend about one-third of your life in bed! Wait…..WHAT?! Yes, really! The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, therefore decor is key in ensuring a restful sanctuary is created! Atmosphere and functionality are vital when it comes to choosing the right bedroom lighting. Read out tips below!

bedroom lighting

Atmospheric lighting is key

It is important that our bedroom is cozy and comfortable where lighting is soft and warm, not blinding and overwhelming with the use of fluorescent tube lighting! Bedroom lighting has to be subtle, relaxing and able to create an ambiance to allow you to easily doze off and create a tranquil sanctuary around you.

When we think of a subtle yet relaxing bedroom light, we think of our pendant lamp Cava 3 concrete, a quite but statement-making touch in the room with a calming appearance.

Create more atmosphere with a bedside light

You´ve switched off the main bedroom light but you keep your bedside light on! A small lamp right next to your bed is always handy, easy to read with, creates an ambiance to get you ready for bed or simply have it on throughout the night.

What is even handier for those who enjoy reading before they doze off but don´t want to disturb their partner is a bedside light combined with an adjustable reading arm, this allows you to easily adjust it either in height or direction allowing you control the light without disturbing those around you.

Need functionality: go for spotlights

If you are in need for some functional lights to help you direct light where you need it most, go for spotlights on or near your wardrobe or wall! Spotlights are easy to clean, adjustable and direct light where you need it, they´re handy to have around your wardrobe, on a wall with a mirror to get you ready or simply above your bed in conjunction with atmospheric lighting!

The most important thing to remember is that your atmospheric lighting combines well with a functional light, this is perfect to have functional for every day use and atmospheric for ambiance and to relax you before bed! Great for a good night´s sleep!

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