Tips for your office at home

Create your own workspace at home that is cosy, comfortable, and practical! You spend most of the day there so its important that it is functional but also has personal touches. Read our tips and……oh yeah; lighting has a huge part to play when it comes to your overall productivity!

It is essential that you can work from a quiet area in your home where you are not easily disturbed, this is better for overall concentration.

Your office or study at home

Above all an important factor to think about is ergonomics, it is essential that you are physically able to work without straining yourself. Posture and comfort whilst working are vital, think about the height of your computer screen, an adjustable office chair that is able to provide good posture and height as well as spacious desk that allows you to stretch your legs and good elbow comfort.

One of the ways to make your office/study at home is to make it your own, a personal touch such as pictures, colourful accessories such as pens, note pads and post-its or plants to add some overall brightness. Play around with it until it feels a bit more your style! The more you feel comfortable working at your desk the better work you’ll be able to do!

Move around and exercise

Don’t sit at your desk all day! It is vital that you get up and be active every few hours, stretching or going for 20-30 minute walk outside. Staying active could assist in preventing poor concentration and lack of productivity, getting fresh air every now and then will increase your oxygen levels.

Lighting is essential

Daylight in your office/study is vital for your overall well-being, natural daylight has an effect on your concentration and energy. Brighten up your desk with the perfect table lamp that suits you best, ensure that you choose a compatible bulb that will provide enough lighting that will allow you to work.

The statement maker ‘Sage‘ is ideal to add fun and retro touch, complete it with a 2200K and 370 lumens bulb for the perfect lighting finish.

Would you like more information on how to set up your ideal office/study decor? Then be sure to check out our Trends & inspiration page.

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