Track lighting: the best main lighting

You may not find track lights in homes as often, however it is one of the most practical lights you could have as it is a space saver and you direct light where you need it most! Want to know how to make the best use out of track lights? Read on as we tell you the advantages of track lights!

Part of your home decor

Track lights are simple, sleek and can easily become part of your home decor regardless of your home’s style. It can easily be used in almost all areas of your home, office or retail stores. Using track lighting for your home can easily become your main lighting, this can be in your living room or bedroom where there are darker corners or near your closet., perfect functional light!

Track lights offer the possibility for you to customise and install it the way you want it as it comes with options such as 1-Phase or 3-Phase built-in system. A 1-phase track light allows all the spotlights to be controlled together, so all spotlight comes on and off at the same time, whereas 3-Phase you are able to control individual spotlights by creating three different ‘circuits’ within the track light allowing you to have spotlights that operate separately.

We advise that you always choose a 1-Phase track light for your home as it is your main and basic functional lighting to ensure that they all come on at the same time for a more even spread light.

Track lights suitable for every home

At lampandlight you will find that we stock a large range of white, black and grey coloured track lights that will fit into any home style and decor. As track lights are your main and functional lighting use, a variety of different styles but all in basic colours that will fit into your home decor are available. Track lights offer years of lighting without compromising on functionality and basic light use, choose the one that suits you and enjoy the benefits of track lighting!

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