Trendy kitchen: our favourites

At lampandlight we keep up with the latest trends when it comes to decor and style. Every year a new trend takes hold when it comes to interior design, this means if you are renovating your kitchen or changing a few things, make lighting a must! Now we’re in mid-2019 we want to share with you some of our favourite must-have lights! Read on!

Black & White: a match made in heaven

Latest trend in the kitchen are black accents throughout, it exudes toughness and an industrial finish. Think of black taps, black countertop or black utensils and accessories, trendy and must-haves in your kitchen now!

White is the most popular colour used when it comes to interior finishes, it is a timeless, stylish and sleek finish that gives it an open and clean look. So, a black and white kitchen are the perfect colour combo! A black countertop or island with white flooring (Herringbone-pattern perhaps? or a black dining table with white stools or chairs, the combination of these two colours creates a stylish yet spacey environment. Two popular colours with endless finishes are trendy and so in!

Classic: back and better

Nowadays, we see the newly re-defined classic as simple flooring, retro finishes, and vintage accessories. This year we have seen more and more retro and classic trends when it comes to home decor and style, especially in kitchens. Gold or copper taps with black sink combined with brightly coloured splashbacks or titles, retro small appliances in your kitchen in pastel colours such vintage scale or traditional whistle kettle on a stove! We’re loving this trend!

Combining atmospheric and functional lighting

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, therefore lighting is important. Different lighting needs for different times, if you have a large window or open space where natural light streams through in the morning you won’t need to use your lamps as much, however, at night it is a different story! When it gets dark, you need white and clear lighting for cooking and to generally see what you are doing in the kitchen, so we tend to go for recessed or ceiling spotlights that distribute lighting evenly and directly, this is functional lighting.

If you’re dining area is in the kitchen or you use kitchen island to serve food, switch to more atmospheric and warmer lighting to set the mood, this transition can easily be done with dimmable lamps. Include pendant lamps above your dining area or arc floor lamps to dim the light to create ambiance and more of warmer setting!

Transform your kitchen with the latest trends!

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