Upgrade your living room with a new floor lamp

New floor lamp

Now that the Christmas tree has been taken away, there is an empty spot where it used to be in your living room, so its time for something new to replace it! Why not introduce a statement making floor lamp that fits in well with the rest of your style and decor. We’ve put together four trendy and stylish floor lamps to complete and transform your living room!

Modern floor lamp StylishThe modern look in your living room: The Stylish

This modern floor lamp is sleek and stylish, adding a contemporary look to your decor. It comes complete with a built-in LED light and has a 3 step dimming function allowing you to control light intensity. A true statement maker that will become the focal point when placed next an accent chair or near a corner sofa!


Go vintage or industrial with the Barrel

The Barrel will leave a lasting impression when it comes to those who enjoy a vintage and industrial decor! Handmade floor lamp tripod that will stand out due to its barrel like shade and wire grid finish. Comes in an array of complimenting colours that will make the Barrel the main focal point in your living room or dining area, a must have in your home!

Classic floor lamp FamiliaA classic: The Familia

The Familia floor lamp adds that bit of a classic twist to your home. This floor lamp exudes warmth and atmosphere, just what you might need for your living room. The ideal floor lamp for those who are looking for simplicity yet warmth in a classic or semi modern inspired decor.

The Familia is perfect for those who enjoy reading or relaxing in the evenings due to the reading arm that also comes with a shade. Stretch your legs out and get comfy in your sofa with a book in hand and allow the Familia floor lamp to do the rest!

Country floor lamp TommyCountry inspired yet cosy: The Tommy

A country inspired decor and style is must have trend nowadays, this style is all about neutral and earthy colours such as white, browns and grey. So think of comfort and tranquility you might find when it comes to a country inspired decor, that is what the Tommy floor lamp does. It is a very simple floor lamp in grey with a calm and relaxing appearance.


Are you ready to go all out for a floor lamp? Replace the Christmas tree with an eye catching floor lamp that will get you through the darker days of winter.

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