Why choose stair lighting?

If you often use the stairs at night or in the evening, you can make climbing stairs a lot safer with the right lighting. In addition, the right staircase lighting also gives a super atmospheric effect. But how do you choose a lamp for your stairs? We give you a few tips!

Lighting next to the stairs

A super subtle way of stair lighting is to place recessed spotlights next to your stairs. You mount these spots in the wall and illuminate a few steps of your stairs. If you opt for a tiltable recessed spot, you ensure that the light does not shine unpleasantly in your eyes. Super safe? Check! Super atmospheric? Double-check!

Wall lamps next to your stairs

Prefer no recessed spotlights as stair lighting? Then a wall lamp is a great alternative! Choose one or two wall lamps next to the wall of your staircase to illuminate it beautifully. Then make sure you have a wall lamp that does not protrude too much in-depth to prevent you from bumping into the lamp. For example, the Otan wall lamp is a timeless lamp that immediately illuminates your walls very stylishly thanks to the up and down lighting.

A luminous banister

A LED strip is perfect to use as stair lighting if you mount it at the bottom of the banister. This way you do not immediately have the lighting in your stairwell, but you make use of a beautiful and quiet light distribution over your entire staircase. The nice thing about our LED strip Teania is that it can easily be operated with a remote control in different light colors. This way you create the right atmosphere in your hall for every moment!

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