What are the advantages of LED lighting?

The advantages of LED lighting

LED lighting has become more and more popular to be used and people are starting to choose to replace their standard halogen lighting to LED. But why? What are the advantages of LED lighting?

1. LED lighting is energy efficient lichtbron

LED lights consume 80%-90% less energy than incandescent and halogen lights. Although LED can be more expensive to purchase, the effects of use in the long term will ensure you get your money back as you will notice that you are saving on your energy bill.

2. LED has a long life span

LED has a longer lifespan than a standard or halogen lighting. Lifespan for LED lighting is usually between 15,000hours and 50,000 hours, that's a minimum of 2 to 10+ years! For example if an LED light is on continously for 8 hours a day and has a life span of 30,000 hours this lamp will last you for at least 7 years, so imagine if you use the lamp less than 8 hours a day the lamp could last 15+ years! When compared with an incandescent light, this lasts approximately 1000 hours (1 month) halogen light lasts approximately 2000 hours (2 months) and other energy saving lights approximately 5000 hours (6 months). Therefore, LEDs are by far the longer lasting light out there!

3. LED lights don't emit heat

Incandescent and halogen bulbs become very hot, therefore you need be very careful when you need to change them so that you don't burn yourself. Sometimes these types of bulbs become very hot that they can blow and glass could shatter, they can cause black spots to appear of the light is to close to the ceiling or wall. LEDs do not do any of these things as they only emit small amount of heat or none at all.

4. LED lights come in different colours and temperaturekelvin

In the past LEDs only came in bright cool white colour, however with time this has changed and you can get LED lighting in many different colours and temperatures. With traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs the colour temperature in kelvin is more or less fixed. LED now comes in a varity of forms, such as both warm white and cool white colours as well as different temperatures!

5. LEDs do not need to warm up

You might notice if you use other energy saving lights that when you switch on your lamp that you might have to wait for a bit for the full light to come on, this is because these types of lights need to warm up in order to come on. This is not the case with LEDs, they come on immediately and at 100% full strength.

6. LED lights are Eco friendly

LED light is more enviromentally friendly than all other types of light. They have a longer lifespan and much more energy efficient making them an all around Eco friendly. In addition, LED lights do not contain any toxic mercury that can be found in other lights. LED lights are much more enviromentally friendly!

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