Does the 2 year warranty cover all items?

Does the 2 year warranty cover all items?

The warranty will not apply in the following circumstances:

  • Item(s) damaged due to negligent maintenance;
  • Item(s) altered by a third party;
  • Invoice date was altered or made illegible;
  • Item(s) damaged by improper or inaccurate use (e.g. by not following the instructions in the user manual);
  • Item(s) damaged intentionally or due to gross negligence;
  • Item(s) damaged by external factors such as adverse weather conditions (e.g. lightning strike);
  • Item(s) became overheated after exposure to central heating or another heat source; or from using a higher wattage than advised;
  • Item(s) damaged after exposure to moisture, extreme heat, extreme cold or sunlight;
  • Any repair costs as a direct result of third-party damage will not be compensated including electrican fees;
  • Non LED light bulbs are not included in the warranty.

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