Warm Hug

Find the right balance at home with the Warm Hug trend!

Our home has never been more important. In recent years, the work and private environment has become one for many and we see our own interior more than ever. Our house should therefore really feel like home. Minimalist and industrial styles are increasingly being replaced by warm tones and cuddly fabrics. We are looking for the right balance between our working environment (functional) and our living environment (cozy and warm). Are you still looking for this? Then the Warm Hug living style has the right balance you need!

Warm colors and organic shapes

You will hardly find straight lines and angles in the Warm Hug trend. Instead, we see curves and organic shapes. This can feel a bit unnatural, as it looks a bit messy without straight lines. However, this is not the case due to the warm colors and cuddly materials. These are reminiscent of nature, which creates a certain tranquility in the room. The warmth it radiates can make it feel like a real Warm Hug. That is why they fit so well with this living style!

Materials: soft and cuddly

Typical materials that fit the Warm Hug trend are bouclé, wool, leather, betoncire and fleece. We see these materials in warm, natural colors such as terra cotta, (chocolate) brown, cream or sand. By mixing these materials with soft tones, you get a serene atmosphere without it getting boring. This makes it feel wonderfully warm and homely!

You can also go wild in the Warm Hug living style when it comes to lighting. Think of a hanging lamp with smoked glass spheres, a round ceiling lamp or a cozy table lamp with warm mood light. Something as simple as an arc lamp with a beige lampshade also fits well in a Warm Hug interior. The great thing about this lifestyle is that there is no right or wrong. As long as the interior feels like a Warm Hug to you, you're absolutely fine!

The right balance: work and living environment in one

For many, working from home has changed from just an option to a need or necessity in recent years. But how do you ensure that you keep work and private life separate? Your interior can contribute significantly to this. Provide white (day)light in the home office and set it up in a minimalistic way for optimal focus. Get started in your private environment with the above colors and materials and create that welcome feeling!

Not the luxury of separating the home office and living environment? This can partly be solved with smart lighting. After working hours, you simply reduce the Kelvin number of the light source. This transforms cold light into warm mood light! As a result, “the office” can still feel like a Warm Hug.


This is a Warm Hug to us:

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