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The lampandlight World Cup squad 

The world championship is in full swing and that means that we at lampandlight will announce our squad of lamps. It's a combination of sustainable lighting, bestsellers and some of our all-time favourites!

#1 Tak

The Tak ceiling fan is a real "keeper". With its long arms, it extends to every corner of the room. Moreover, with its timeless look and 17000 burning hours on average, it can last for years: the Jordan Pickford among ceiling fans. Finally, the Tak is equipped with a remote control, which makes coaching from the sidelines a lot easier!

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#2 Milo

Our modern right-back Milo is not necessarily an eye-catcher, but that does not make him any less valuable. He is multi-purpose and not just functional. It is also a mood creator, which is important in any (dressing) room! It's not the most polished player with its gray look, but Milo provides supportive light in every position he's in. Milo certainly doesn't look out of place as a bedside table lamp!

#3 Diva 2

Diva 2 has enough length to guard the back of the fort. With her uplighter, the 180cm-long Diva 2 is headstrong and drops her light all over the playing field. With her adjustable reading lamp, she also "steers" the light game. Weighing 6 kg, Diva 2 also stands firmly on its base and is the anchor in our defence. With an average of 20,000 burning hours, she is also incredibly durable. Her place in our lamp squad is therefore only logical as far as we are concerned!

#4 Cage

Cage has been one of our QAZQA bestsellers for years now, and for good reason. After all, Cage does not just hang around. This robust but atmospheric pendant lamp stands out and enhances the industrial look of your interior. Cage fits perfectly in our last line, as it has a mesh grid that an attacker can't just get through. Light fortunately does get through it, giving a nice effect. With its 99.5cm width, it is reminiscent of Eric Dier, but radiates even more atmosphere!

#5 Club

Because Club is recessed, it is static on the sidelines. Nevertheless, this recessed spotlight with its luxurious high-quality appearance is very flexible. Facing the pitch, it gladly swivels in all directions: Club is in fact double tiltable! The two tilting rings ensure that the spotlight can serve as both basic lighting and ambient lighting. At lampandlight, Club was therefore a no-brainer for the base eleven! You complete Club with a GU10 LED spotlight. Club is also available in an aluminium version.

#6 Patrick

Patrick likes to take centre stage and is a real eye-catcher in your living room or bedroom. With its integrated LED with a total of 4480 lumens, Patrick is a powerhouse in our midfield. However, via a 3-step dimmer, Patrick can be reduced in its brightness: good to avoid unnecessary yellow cards! His 4 arms and 8 lights divide the light game, making his presence always noticeable. Even when his lights are not on. Jude Bellingham is no longer sure of his starting place with our Patrick in the ranks!

#7 Duo

DUO is having a great time at the side of the playing field. It can refrain from action for a long time, but jumps on at the right moment. The motion sensor ensures DUO springs up at the moments that really matter. Actions inside or outside, as you would expect from a true winger, DUO's light shines both ways. As long as it is not pouring rain, DUO with its IP44 goes down nicely in any weather. A durable addition to any flank!

#8 Cela

Cela may not stand out as much as the rest of our selection. It has no natural materials, 8 light points or bright colours. In terms of finish, however, there is nothing wrong with Cela and with the right light sources, Cela creates a lot of atmosphere. Cela is our Box-to-Box player in midfield and does best in the small space. A supporting role, as befits a good number 8, is reserved for Cela.

  • Free delivery over £50
  • Return within 30 days
  • Customer satisfaction rate 4.5/5

#9 Toucan

You might not expect it because of his short height, but Toekan has a nose for the goal! Available in a black and gold look, our Toekan looks playful in almost any room. What's more, Toekan is so ball-resistant that it looks like he has the lamp on a string. It sounds a bit crazy, but with its IP20, Toekan does not like to flutter around outside and thrives better in an indoor climate! You complete Toekan with an E27 light source, which is not included.

#10 Goldline G95

As a light source, Goldline can be used in many luminaires (E27 fitting) and is therefore the driving force behind our lamp range. The intelligent Goldline can be controlled in various ways (light switch, smartphone or smart home assistant), but always listens. With its fine brightness, adjustable kelvin and golden glow, Goldline always provides the right atmosphere and a slice of creativity. Goldline G95 is large for its kind, but nevertheless energy-efficient. Moreover, this durable light source lasts 15,000 hours on average!

#11 Zuzanna

With five points of light pointing in all directions, Zuzanna is incredibly versatile. Her arcs can be compared to the crosses of a modern outdoor player. These days, the "early cross" is almost as popular as our Zuzanna. Our #9 Toekan knows how to deal with that! Zuzanna's look with black colour, golden shades and smoky glass also make her a joy to watch. That's what you come to the stadium for!

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