LED lighting

All types of LED lighting available with us!

LED is changing the way we use lighting, you will find that we stock a large range of built-in LED lights and lamps that are suitable for LED use. In our collection you will find many decorative indoor and outdoor LED lighting and LED bulbs. LED has a longer life span, it's energy efficient, has a low power consumption and gives a greater luminous flux than a standard bulb or lamp. Change your lighting to LED today!

LED lighting
74 Items
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  1. Modern-outdoor-lamp-post-dark-gray-80-cm-incl.-LED---Bar
    Modern outdoor lamp post dark gray 80 cm incl. LED - Bar
    £87.95 £44.95
  2. Modern-Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Dark-Grey-incl.-LED---Opacus
    Modern Outdoor Wall Lamp Dark Grey incl. LED - Opacus
    £88.95 £38.95
  3. Wall-lamp-anthracite-11.5-cm-incl.-LED-IP65---Batt
    Wall lamp anthracite 11.5 cm incl. LED IP65 - Batt
  4. Modern-outdoor-lamp-dark-gray-12-cm-incl.-LED---Bar
    Modern outdoor lamp dark gray 12 cm incl. LED - Bar
    £52.95 £31.95
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  5. Puncture-lamp-black-tiltable-incl.-LED-IP65---Ensign
    Puncture lamp black tiltable incl. LED IP65 - Ensign
    £53.95 £33.95
  6. Modern-semi-circular-outdoor-wall-spot-black-incl.-LED-IP65---Leti
    Modern semi-circular outdoor wall spot black incl. LED IP65 - Leti
    £29.95 £28.95
  7. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-dark-gray-17.5-cm-incl.-LED-IP65---Batt
    Modern outdoor wall lamp dark gray 17.5 cm incl. LED IP65 - Batt
  8. Wall-lamp-white-17.5-cm-incl.-LED-IP65---Batt
    Wall lamp white 17.5 cm incl. LED IP65 - Batt
    £47.95 £26.95
  9. springsale

  10. Garden-spot-black-incl.-Cord-and-plug-230-cm-IP65---Basic
    Garden spot black incl. Cord and plug 230 cm IP65 - Basic
  11. Wall-and-Ceiling-Lamp-Black-IP65---Lucia
    Wall and Ceiling Lamp Black IP65 - Lucia
    £26.95 £22.95
  12. Wall-lamp-with-motion-and-light-dark-sensor-on-solar---Daya
    Wall lamp with motion and light-dark sensor on solar - Daya
  13. Set-of-5-Ground-spots-steel-IP65---Basic-Square
    Set of 5 Ground spots steel IP65 - Basic Square
    £195.00 £189.00
  14. Set-of-2-modern-wall-lamps-dark-gray-incl.-LED---Gem-2
    Set of 2 modern wall lamps dark gray incl. LED - Gem 2
  15. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-dark-gray-incl.-LED-IP65---Sandstone-2
    Modern outdoor wall lamp dark gray incl. LED IP65 - Sandstone 2
  16. Retro-hanging-and-floor-lamp-white-IP65---Lampadina
    Retro hanging and floor lamp white IP65 - Lampadina
    £52.95 £47.95
  17. Modern-ground-spot-steel-stainless-steel---Basic-Round
    Modern ground spot steel stainless steel - Basic Round
  18. Modern-outdoor-wall-light-rectangle-incl.-LED---Pod
    Modern outdoor wall light rectangle incl. LED - Pod
    £35.95 £21.95
  19. Wall-and-ceiling-lamp-gray-IP65---Bertina
    Wall and ceiling lamp gray IP65 - Bertina
    £29.95 £20.95
  20. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-white-11.5-cm-incl.-LED---Batt
    Modern outdoor wall lamp white 11.5 cm incl. LED - Batt
    £39.95 £34.95
  21. Wall-lamp-gray-IP65---Maddi
    Wall lamp gray IP65 - Maddi
    £26.95 £13.95
  22. Wall-and-Ceiling-Lamp-Light-Grey-IP65---Maddi
    Wall and Ceiling Lamp Light Grey IP65 - Maddi
    £26.95 £20.95
  23. Modern-Rectangle-Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Grey-incl.-LED---Prim
    Modern Rectangle Outdoor Wall Lamp Grey incl. LED - Prim
    £35.95 £34.95
  24. Spotlight-white-IP65-incl.-LED-with-movement-sensor-3,2W---Daya
    Spotlight white IP65 incl. LED with movement sensor 3,2W - Daya
  25. Ground-spot-steel-10.5-cm-IP65---Basic-Square
    Ground spot steel 10.5 cm IP65 - Basic Square
  26. Modern-Floodlight-Black-incl.-LED-30W---Telix
    Modern Floodlight Black incl. LED 30W - Telix
  27. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-around-steel-incl.-LED-IP65---Simply
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights around steel incl. LED IP65 - Simply
    £28.95 £25.95
  28. Spotlight-black-IP65-incl.-LED-with-movement-sensor-10W---Teho
    Spotlight black IP65 incl. LED with movement sensor 10W - Teho
  29. Set-of-3-Recessed-Spotlights-5W-IP65-White---Blanca
    Set of 3 Recessed Spotlights 5W IP65 White - Blanca
    £28.95 £27.95
74 Items
Set Descending Direction

LED Lighting

LED lights have become one of the most essential lighting for indoor or outdoor use. You will find wide range of LED lamps and LED bulbs at lampandlight.co.uk suitable for your needs. Energy efficient, low power consumption and last longer with greater light output than a standard light sources, lights are the must haves for your home. Ranging from lighting for indoors, outdoors and bulbs for your wall, pendant or ceiling lights.

LED lights and sustainability go hand in hand.

Our range of LED lighting are not only efficient in functionality but they are beautifully designed to suit your home or office. Bulbs have a unique way of illuminating and creating a great atmosphere for less, choose from filament or opal designs to colour changing RGB LED bulbs. The ideal lamp with different styles and output that is sure to create the perfect lighting in any room. Your ideal LED lighting and bulbs can be found at lampandlight.co.uk!

LED lamps for every home decor

LED lights are unique. they ensure durability, a longer life span and low energy consumption. LED lights have a unique way of illuminating and create a great atmosphere for less, they are energy efficient and cost effective all year round on your energy bill. LED lamps come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours so you are guaranteed to find the ideal lamp that will suit your needs and will compliment your chosen room's decor. So many LED lamps can be used in any home decor, you can have a large LED light that will go with your industry inspired living room decor to using LED spotlights or LED recessed lights in neutral and classic decor. LEDs can be used in any room or style!

Need help or advise when it comes to LED lighting?

At lampandlight.co.uk you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right LED lamp or bulb. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.

Save more with LED bulbs

The latest LED technology is so advanced that you can now enjoy a longer life span and save more on your energy bill than ever before. LED bulbs give beautiful and atmospheric lighting which hardly deviates from traditional bulbs in which we will be seeing less and less being used in our homes. LED lights are not only Eco friendly but has a huge effect on your energy bill due to its low power consumption. Enjoy beautiful lighting and lower energy bill when it comes to LED Lamps!

LED bulbs are suitable for any living space

From the living room to the attic and from the bathroom to the garden, lighting is needed everywhere. Therefore, for every area that requires lighting LED is the ideal light source to use in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere along and to reduce your energy bill. Use a beautiful and warm LED bulb for your floor or table lamp, in need for some colours in your chosen area how about RGB LED bulbs, strip lights or spotlights to compliment your decor. LED can be used anywhere in your home or office, go for an LED ceiling lamp for your living room or an LED wall lamp for your bedroom. Whatever you choose, LED bulbs will not disappoint!

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