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Track lighting

Wide range of different sizes and style of rail track lighting!
Track lighting is ideal for areas where you lack space or in need for multiple lighting needs. Great for showrooms, retail stores or your home! They come complete with or without adjustable spotlights ranging from modern to industrial.

Track lighting
30 Items
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  1. Modern-Track-Light-1-Phase-with-5-Spotlights- Black---Jeana
    Modern Track Light 1-Phase with 5 Spotlights  Black - Jeana
    £149.00 £139.00
  2. Rail-Track-Spotlight-Gissi-3-Black
    Rail Track Spotlight Gissi 3 Black
    £73.95 £33.95
  3. Railspot-1-phase-black---Jeana
    Railspot 1-phase black - Jeana
  4. Suspension-Cable-for-1-Phase-Track-Rail
    Suspension Cable for 1-Phase Track Rail
  5. I-Coupler-for-1-phase-track-black
    I-Coupler for 1-phase track black
    £7.95 £6.95
  6. Rail-system-with-5-spots-1-phase-black-with-steel---Suplux
    Rail system with 5 spots 1-phase black with steel - Suplux
    £205.00 £109.00
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  7. Rail-Track-Spotlight-Gissi-5-White
    Rail Track Spotlight Gissi 5 White
    £149.00 £87.95
  8. Rail-150-cm-black-for-3-phase-rail
    Rail 150 cm black for 3-phase rail
    £50.95 £45.95
  9. -Modern-Track-Light-1-Phase-with-3-Spotlights-Black---Jeany
    Modern Track Light 1-Phase with 3 Spotlights Black - Jeany
    £73.95 £52.95
  10. Modern-dimmable-3-phase-track-spot-black-incl.-LED-3000K---Ruler-38
    Modern dimmable 3-phase track spot black incl. LED 3000K - Ruler 38
    £119.00 £58.95
  11. Rail-system-with-3-spots-1-phase-black-with-steel---Suplux
    Rail system with 3 spots 1-phase black with steel - Suplux
    £105.00 £45.95
  12. Track-spot-1-phase-black---Go
    Track spot 1-phase black - Go
    £32.95 £17.95
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  14. L-Coupler-for-1-phase-track-white
    L-Coupler for 1-phase track white
  15. I-Coupler-for-3-phase-track-black
    I-Coupler for 3-phase track black
    £13.95 £12.95
  16. Rail-spot-3-phase-black---Jeany
    Rail spot 3-phase black - Jeany
    £24.95 £9.95
  17. Suspension-Cable-for-3-Phase-Track-Rail-
    Suspension Cable for 3-Phase Track Rail
    £30.95 £27.95
  18. Power-Supply-for-3-phase-track-left-black
    Power Supply for 3-phase track left black
    £13.95 £12.95
  19. Rail-spot-1-phase-black---Gissi
    Rail spot 1-phase black - Gissi
  20. Pendant-light-adapter-for-3-phase-track-black
    Pendant light adapter for 3-phase track black
    £18.95 £16.95
  21. Power-supply-for-3-phase-track-right-black
    Power supply for 3-phase track right black
    £13.95 £12.95
  22. LED-3-phase-track-spotlight-black-15W-2700K-incl.-AR111--Expert
    LED 3-phase track spotlight black 15W 2700K incl. AR111- Expert
    £82.95 £42.95
  23. X-junction-for-3-phase-track-black
    X-junction for 3-phase track black
    £36.95 £33.95
  24. L-Connector-for-3-phase-track-right-black
    L-Connector for 3-phase track right black
    £22.95 £20.95
  25. T-Junction-for-3-phase-track-Right-B-Black
    T-Junction for 3-phase track Right B Black
    £30.95 £27.95
  26. T-Junction-for-3-phase-track-Left-B-Black
    T-Junction for 3-phase track Left B Black
    £30.95 £27.95
  27. T-Junction-for-3-phase-track-left-Black-T
    T-Junction for 3-phase track left Black T
    £30.95 £27.95
  28. T-Junction-for-3-phase-track-left-Black-T
    T-Junction for 3-phase track left Black T
    £30.95 £27.95
  29. L-Connector-for-3-phase-track-left-black
    L-Connector for 3-phase track left black
    £22.95 £20.95
  30. T-coupling-piece-for-1-phase-track-black
    T-coupling piece for 1-phase track black
    £13.95 £7.95
  31. End-piece-for-3-phase-rail-black
    End piece for 3-phase rail black
    £6.95 £5.95
30 Items
Set Descending Direction

Track Lighting

Rail track lighting is ideal for those who have limited space and would like to have directional lighting. At lampandlight.co.uk you will see find different types of track lighting to suit your living room or showroom. With spotlights that can be tilted and rotated to direct light where it suits you best to built-in LED lights that will allow a longer life span.

Track lighting that is easy to use and flexible to your needs!

A rail track light is the most convenient type of lighting to use where space limited or in need of direct lighting. Move and adjust spotlights efficiently on the rail to direct light on a chosen area or object. Track lighting is the perfect replacement for a ceiling light, as it is comes in various lengths with a number of spotlights ideal for showrooms or galleries allowing you to adjust and direct light. From LED spotlights to suitable to LED bulbs, you will find a variety of track lighting at lampandlight.co.uk!

Need help finding the ideal track lighting? Let us help you.

At lampandlight.co.uk you will find a large selection of rail track lights, therefore choosing the right one that is suitable for your needs could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our Chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find the ideal light!


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