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Outdoor sensor lights

Be safe and secure with our range of outdoor lamps with motion sensors!
Our range of lamps with motion sensors are ideal for outdoor areas where there isn't any or enough lighting. They are the perfect security lighting to cover large or small areas, check out our collection today and pick the one that suits your needs!

Outdoor sensor lights
58 Items
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  1. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Black-with-Motion-Sensor-IP44---Rotterdam-1
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Black with Motion Sensor IP44 - Rotterdam 1
    £92.95 £41.95
  2. Outdoor-wall-lamp-anthracite-IP44-with-motion-sensor---Duo
    Outdoor wall lamp anthracite IP44 with motion sensor - Duo
    £41.95 £23.95
  3. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-with-Twilight-Switch-Anthracite-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp with Twilight Switch Anthracite IP44 - Duo
    £41.95 £20.95
  4. Exterior-wall-light-anthracite-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Emmerald-1
    Exterior wall light anthracite with motion sensor IP44 - Emmerald 1
    £41.95 £23.95
  5. Spike-spot-black-with-flame-effect-incl.-LED-2W---Toci
    Spike spot black with flame effect incl. LED 2W - Toci
    £48.95 £23.95
  6. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-with-Motion-Sensor-Steel-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor Steel IP44 - Duo
    £41.95 £20.95
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  7. Outdoor-wall-lamp-black-with-clear-glass-incl.-Motion-detector---Sfera
    Outdoor wall lamp black with clear glass incl. Motion detector - Sfera
    £54.95 £23.95
  8. Exterior-wall-light-dark-gray-with-motion-detector-IP44---Denmark
    Exterior wall light dark gray with motion detector IP44 - Denmark
    £80.95 £42.95
  9. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Gleam
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 - Gleam
    £55.95 £29.95
  10. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Black-IP44-with-Twilight-Switch---Rotterdam-1
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Black IP44 with Twilight Switch - Rotterdam 1
    £92.95 £39.95
  11. Table-lamp-with-flame-effect-incl.-LED-on-solar-IP44---Cordo
    Table lamp with flame effect incl. LED on solar IP44 - Cordo
    £27.95 £24.95
  12. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-with-Motion-Sensor-Anthracite-IP44---Solo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor Anthracite IP44 - Solo
    £36.95 £24.95
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  14. Buitenwandlamp-antiek-goud-met-bewegingssensor---New-Haven-Up
    Buitenwandlamp antiek goud met bewegingssensor - New Haven Up
    £35.95 £17.95
  15. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-light-dark-sensor-IP44---Duo
    Exterior wall light black with light-dark sensor IP44 - Duo
    £39.95 £28.95
  16. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Duo
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 - Duo
  17. Exterior-wall-light-gray-incl.-LED-with-motion-sensor-IP54---Hortus
    Exterior wall light gray incl. LED with motion sensor IP54 - Hortus
    £50.95 £24.95
  18. Classic-Wall-Lantern-Black-with-Motion-Sensor-IP44---New-Orleans-Up
    Classic Wall Lantern Black with Motion Sensor IP44 - New Orleans Up
    £45.95 £32.95
  19. Round-outdoor-lamp-stainless-steel-with-motion-sensor-incl.-LED---Lillie
    Round outdoor lamp stainless steel with motion sensor incl. LED - Lillie
    £92.95 £77.95
  20. Black-spotlight-incl.-LED-on-solar-energy-set-of-3-IP44---Sunshine
    Black spotlight incl. LED on solar energy set of 3 IP44 - Sunshine
    £30.95 £13.95
  21. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-with-Twilight-Switch-Anthracite-IP44---Solo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp with Twilight Switch Anthracite IP44 - Solo
    £43.95 £22.95
  22. Exterior-wall-light-black-IP44-with-motion-sensor---Miro
    Exterior wall light black IP44 with motion sensor - Miro
    £45.95 £38.95
  23. Modern-ground-spot-steel-solar-energy-set-of-5-IP44---Tiny
    Modern ground spot steel solar energy set of 5 IP44 - Tiny
    £105.00 £40.95
  24. Exterior-wall-light-black-incl.-LED-with-motion-sensor-IP54---Hortus
    Exterior wall light black incl. LED with motion sensor IP54 - Hortus
    £50.95 £23.95
  25. Wall-lamp-gray-incl.-LED-IP54-with-motion-detector---Marian
    Wall lamp gray incl. LED IP54 with motion detector - Marian
    £119.00 £109.00
  26. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-black-IP44-with-movement-sensor-on-solar---Spiare
    Modern outdoor wall lamp black IP44 with movement sensor on solar - Spiare
    £61.95 £24.95
  27. Outdoor-wall-lantern-anthracite-incl.-LED-and-solar---New-York
    Outdoor wall lantern anthracite incl. LED and solar - New York
    £55.95 £27.95
  28. Exterior-wall-light-black-IP44-incl.-LED-with-motion-detector---Dualy
    Exterior wall light black IP44 incl. LED with motion detector - Dualy
    £56.95 £29.95
  29. Outdoor-wall-lamp-anthracite-with-motion-sensor-on-solar---Esqu
    Outdoor wall lamp anthracite with motion sensor on solar - Esqu
    £44.95 £41.95
  30. Modern-Wall-Lamp-Steel-IP44-with-Motion-Sensor---Emmerald-1
    Modern Wall Lamp Steel IP44 with Motion Sensor - Emmerald 1
    £41.95 £18.95
  31. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-motion-sensor-IP44---Solo
    Exterior wall light black with motion sensor IP44 - Solo
  32. Exterior-wall-light-black-with-light-dark-sensor-IP44---Solo
    Exterior wall light black with light-dark sensor IP44 - Solo
    £39.95 £26.95
  33. Buitenwandlamp-zwart-met-bewegingssensor-incl.-LED---Khuvan
    Buitenwandlamp zwart met bewegingssensor incl. LED - Khuvan
    £48.95 £23.95
  34. Outdoor-wall-lamp-anthracite-with-motion-sensor-on-solar---Fomos
    Outdoor wall lamp anthracite with motion sensor on solar - Fomos
    £39.95 £36.95
  35. Outdoor-wall-lamp-black-incl.-LED-with-light-/-dark-sensor---Gaev
    Outdoor wall lamp black incl. LED with light / dark sensor - Gaev
    £48.95 £18.95
  36. Standing-outdoor-lamp-anthracite-with-motion-sensor-on-solar---Posada
    Standing outdoor lamp anthracite with motion sensor on solar - Posada
    £71.95 £64.95
  37. Wall-lamp-white-square-incl.-LED,-motion-detector,-house-number---Plater
    Wall lamp white square incl. LED, motion detector, house number - Plater
    £77.95 £54.95
58 Items
Set Descending Direction

Outdoor sensor lights

Large selection of outdoor motions sensor lights are available at lampandlight.co.uk, Choose from a range of modern and classic motion sensor light designed to suit any outdoor space you have. The ideal security lighting for your garden and front doors! Outdoor security lights ranging from different IP classification categories fully equipped with Infrared Motion detectors and twilight switches with LED lighting.

Sensor lights that are perfect for your garden and front patio.

Large range of outdoor lamps with motion sensor to help you during the dark. Choose from a classic wall lamp Lantern with motion sensor to a modern pole bollards with solar motion sensor, all fully equipped with infrared motion sensors. Illuminate your driveway with our ground LED spotlights with motion sensors to your garage with our twilight switch integrated flood lights. How about our Eco friendly LED built-in Solar lights that come with both motion sensors and twilight switch allowing energy to be consumed naturally from the sun. Transform your garden and outdoor space with our warm and welcoming security lights giving you security and light whenever you need. From traditional and modern outdoor wall lamp sensors to discreet and simple outdoor ceiling lamps with IR sensors and decorative garden lights with motion detectors you are sure to never be without lighting in the dark. Check out our range of security lamps, lanters, path lighting to ground LED spotlights.

Need help finding the security lights?

Let us help you. At lampandlight.co.uk you will find a large selection of LED security lights, therefore choosing the right one that is suitable for your needs could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our Chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find an ideal and suitable lamp.


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