Children's lighting

Fun, practical and atmospheric lights for children's bedroom all available for your little ones!
Transform your child's bedroom or nursery with our range of soft and warm lamps. From ceiling lights that emit a relaxing night lighting, to quirky and fun table lamps to allow them to drift off to sleep! How about a matching desk and pendant lamp for the older ones when in need for studying or homework, or portable table lamp with LED RGB bluetooth to connect with their smartphones! Endless choices for your children's lighting needs.

Children's lighting
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  1. Modern-black-floor-lamp---Facil
    Modern black floor lamp - Facil
    £45.95 £23.95
  2. Ceiling-Spotlight-Grey-with-Copper---Rondoo-Up
    Ceiling Spotlight Grey with Copper - Rondoo Up
    £32.95 £21.95
  3. Ceiling-fan-gray---Mistral-42
    Ceiling fan gray - Mistral 42
    £149.00 £79.95
  4. Wood-industrial-ceiling-lamp---Reena
    Wood industrial ceiling lamp - Reena
    £92.95 £60.95
  5. Art-deco-wall-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Flore
    Art deco wall lamp black with smoke glass - Flore
    £39.95 £35.95
  6. Ceiling-Lamp-Grey-30cm-incl.-LED---Drum-
    Ceiling Lamp Grey 30cm incl. LED - Drum
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  7. Ceiling-light-aluminum-59-cm-incl.-LED-with-remote-control---Oculus
    Ceiling light aluminum 59 cm incl. LED with remote control - Oculus
    £399.00 £355.00
  8. Recessed-spot-white-12-cm-square---Gypsy-Stucco
    Recessed spot white 12 cm square - Gypsy Stucco
    £14.95 £13.95
  9. Modern-hanging-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-60-cm-dim-to-warm---Ollie
    Modern hanging lamp steel incl. LED 60 cm dim to warm - Ollie
    £609.00 £535.00
  10. Art-deco-wall-lamp-gold---Facil-1
    Art deco wall lamp gold - Facil 1
  11. Industrial-spot-black-rotatable-and-tiltable-without-hood---Movie
    Industrial spot black rotatable and tiltable without hood - Movie
  12. Ceiling-fan-gray-with-remote-control---Fanattic
    Ceiling fan gray with remote control - Fanattic
    £185.00 £105.00
  13. modern-clean

  14. Ceiling-light-chrome-38-cm---Fiore
    Ceiling light chrome 38 cm - Fiore
    £57.95 £40.95
  15. Modern-wall-lamp-white---Simple-Drum-Jute
    Modern wall lamp white - Simple Drum Jute
    £32.95 £22.95
  16. Industrial-floor-lamp-steel-185-cm-adjustable---Hobby
    Industrial floor lamp steel 185 cm adjustable - Hobby
    £159.00 £85.95
  17. Ceiling-Lamp-White-30cm-incl.-LED---Drum-
    Ceiling Lamp White 30cm incl. LED - Drum
  18. Industrial-wall-lamp-rusting-with-gold---Rust
    Industrial wall lamp rusting with gold - Rust
    £69.95 £28.95
  19. Modern-Table-Lamp-Black---Facil
    Modern Table Lamp Black - Facil
    £27.95 £15.95
  20. Industrial-Wall-Lamp-Black---Facil-1
    Industrial Wall Lamp Black - Facil 1
  21. Adjustable-hanging-lamp-brass-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Juliet
    Adjustable hanging lamp brass dim to warm incl. LED - Juliet
    £499.00 £445.00
  22. Design-hanging-lamp-black-1-light-with-plug---Cavalux
    Design hanging lamp black 1-light with plug - Cavalux
    £36.95 £16.95
  23. Scandinavian-hanging-lamp-opal-glass-40-cm---Ball-40
    Scandinavian hanging lamp opal glass 40 cm - Ball 40
  24. Modern-spot-black---Tuba-1
    Modern spot black - Tuba 1
  25. Hanging-lamp-smoke-glass-incl.-9-light-sources-dimmable---Cavalux
    Hanging lamp smoke glass incl. 9 light sources dimmable - Cavalux
    £489.00 £469.00
  26. Modern-Ceiling-Lamp-3-Black---Lofty
    Modern Ceiling Lamp 3 Black - Lofty
    £73.95 £41.95
  27. Modern-hanging-lamp-anthracite-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Ronith
    Modern hanging lamp anthracite dim to warm incl. LED - Ronith
    £445.00 £365.00
  28. Industrial-spotlight-black-with-wood-adjustable---Arthur
    Industrial spotlight black with wood adjustable - Arthur
    £55.95 £50.95
  29. Industrial-spot-black-with-mango-wood-3-lights---Mangoes
    Industrial spot black with mango wood 3 lights - Mangoes
    £149.00 £71.95
  30. Modern-hanging-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-140-cm-dim-to-warm---Ollie
    Modern hanging lamp steel incl. LED 140 cm dim to warm - Ollie
    £415.00 £369.00
  31. Ceiling-lamp-gold-59-cm-incl.-LED-with-remote-control---Oculus
    Ceiling lamp gold 59 cm incl. LED with remote control - Oculus
    £399.00 £355.00
  32. Hanging-lamp-incl.-E115-smoke-dimmable---Cavalux
    Hanging lamp incl. E115 smoke dimmable - Cavalux
    £62.95 £25.95
  33. Art-Deco-Wall-Lamp-Copper---Facil-1
    Art Deco Wall Lamp Copper - Facil 1
  34. Industrial-spot-white-with-mango-wood-2-light---Mangoes
    Industrial spot white with mango wood 2-light - Mangoes
    £105.00 £49.95
  35. Tough-black-3-spot-spotlight---Fors
    Tough black 3-spot spotlight - Fors
    £109.00 £105.00
  36. Modern-Wall-Lamp-Chrome---Facil-1
    Modern Wall Lamp Chrome - Facil 1
    £22.95 £13.95
  37. Ceiling-fan-white-incl.-LED-and-remote-control---Aila
    Ceiling fan white incl. LED and remote control - Aila
    £399.00 £185.00
987 Items
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Buy children's lighting?

Are you decorating your child's nursery or adding more style and light to your children's room? Take a look at our range of children lamps ideal for your newborn or children. Perfect wall lights and table lamps that will add style and excitement or pendant and ceiling lights that are dimmable to provide soft and cosy lighting. Get creative and check out our range of suitable children's lamps at!

Children's lamp that is cosy, relaxing and exciting

A child's bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, therefore we understand the need to have a cosy, warm and welcoming feeling when they go to sleep at night. It is also beneficial to have a lamp that goes well with the decor and style of your child's room such as easy to use wall lights, pendant lights or ceiling lights that will provide an atmospheric yet cosy space. Flexible LED wall lamp above their bed to allow them to fall asleep while still having some light, or a quirky table lamp to suit the overall decor.

Security is essential when it comes to maintaining your office, see our range of motion detectors and food lights with PIRs for garage or car parks Combine functionality and design when it comes to your commercial or property space, use cost effective LED lighting for a more energy efficient and longer lasting light,clear advantage when compared to conventional and standard lighting, doesn't emit heat and can save up to 80% off your energy bill. Choose your design and style, our range of modern, industrial and art deco designed lamps will not only brighten up your office in colour but also provide your work project or commercial space the sufficient lighting it needs!

Need help or advice when it comes to finding the ideal Children's Lamp?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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